At your service across the globe

Vendana GmbH is an international contractual air carrier based in Germany and we carry out missions by aircrafts and helicopters globally. Our international departments operate in nearly all parts of the world and we assist you in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Russian and Polish – every day, around the clock.

International Air Ambulance

We help throughout the world – safely, on short notice and unbureaucratically. And if patients prefer treatment in a clinic of their choice abroad we bring them there securely using medically equipped aircraft or rescue helicopters. With the wellbeing of the patient as our utmost goal, we organize any transfer as fast and as safely as possible no matter where you are.

Individual Private Charter

Whether charters for groups travelling to major events, luxury jets for VIP passengers or flexible multi-stop flights for tightly clocked business trips – we offer individual flight solutions for every occasion by private planes and helicopters. Often within minutes, always with our well-known reliability and with the necessary discretion guaranteed.

Just in time: Express Goods

When production chains falter and imminent downtime will result in contractual penalties quick and reliable action is essential. Our fast last-minute support with aviation express transports has saved many well-known corporations from various industries from enormous losses.

Aerial cranes

For many building projects the use of a helicopter is an economic alternative to a heavy construction crane. Lifting air conditioning units, antennas, masts or regular building materials – any carrier or assembly flight – our highly trained and experienced experts are reliable partners at your side whether operating in inaccessible mountainous terrain, widespread industrial areas or complex inner-city locations.

Cinema, TV and Event

Internationally renowned film and tv production companies rely not only on our helicopters for stunning aerial shots but we also supply choppers and planes to complete the desired setting of a scene. Likewise, numeral aerial stunts were successfully accomplished under our guidance, both for screen productions as well as for events that want to draw attention to their unique message.